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Bleeding Steel

At the very beginning of the film "Bleeding steel" we meet with Lin Dong, an experienced fighter and agent of the secret service. Every day he is in danger of life, going on dangerous missions. During his service, Lin received an incredible experience and ready to almost any turn. But he does not know yet that he will soon face an enemy whose ability to change with the help of advanced scientific achievements.

Events begin to unfold at a time when Lin Dong becomes involved in confrontation with the super soldier André. The protagonist realizes that his opponent was once a Government fighter who agreed to participate in the biogenetic experiment. As a result, Andre received medical intervention and mechanical heart ability to regenerate. Immediately thereafter, he spoke out against their Savior. Lin gets a job save the man, who gave Andre ability. However, he is defeated. And now their feud reaches a new level. At the same time, their disassembly interferes with the mysterious woman with whom Lin feels a special bond.

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