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The Gateway

In the beginning of the fantastic view of the film "The Gateway" the audience acquainted with Jane Chandler and its Реггом assistant, experienced scientists who follow the hypothesis, approving that there are parallel universes. They were confident that somewhere in the space-time continuum, you can find a semblance of the Earth. And now they want to create a unique portal, capable to move people in this place. If they will be able to achieve success, mankind will be able to learn a lot of new worlds.

The main characters are close to a breakthrough in their research, because they managed to дематериализовать some objects. However, they cannot transform them. The situation is compounded even more when her husband Jane dies in an accident. Being in a depressed state, the heroine returns to their two children. At this point, she invents the idea, which explains that the things they телепортировала, not дематериализуются. Jane is confident that they are sent to a parallel universe, and in the same place remain. Using their ingenuity, the heroine is going to prove it.

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