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The events of the film "Smartass" developed in the 1990s, when there was the height of the ethnic Wars in the criminal world. In the Centre of the story turns out to be a fifteen year old girl named Freddy. She shows her rebellious character and refuses to seek contact with family and friends. Her behavior becomes the source of all ills in the House and hard temper leads to regular conflict. Eventually Freddie decides to run away from home and embark on a journey.

Soon a coincidence leads the main character to the dark streets the night in Los Angeles. She is all alone. Gangsta War flit around her, and the marginalized outcasts everywhere. Some sell drugs, but others in this time divide spheres of influence. At the same time we are introduced to her friends, who are trying to get their money from illegal transActions. Guys get into a difficult situation and become the number one goal for dangerous criminals. And now they must find a way to avoid criminal showdowns and meet with Freddy.

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