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Accident Man

At the very beginning of the film "Accident Man" we meet Mike Fallon, an elite assassin, which enjoyed extraordinary popularity with authoritative and influential criminals. Almost everyone wants it, but not everyone can afford it. The main feature of the Mike is that he easily confuses the police and even the most seasoned investigators. In fact, all their murders he is as accidents. And yet there was not one time, when the police would be able to find clues, at least indirectly, indicating that it was murder.

The protagonist is a member of an elite team of assassins, working in a small pub called "Oasis". Each of them has their own methods of doing things. Together they are one of the most dangerous teams in the world. There is no one who would have wished to go their way. Everything is going according to schedule, until killed by a man who was close to Mike. Fallon is beginning its own investigation and concluded that those events worth something more serious. Mike tries to find the customer and murderer to settle accounts with them.

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