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Side Effects

The movie begins with a woman named Emily, who is depressed due to the imprisonment of her husband, Martin. As a suicide attempt, she drives into a wall and due to her depression, she has been assigned to a psychiatrist named Jonathan Banks. He prescribes her antidepressants, but realize that nothing seem to work on her. He then contacts Emily’s previous psychiatrist named Victoria, who suggest the doctor a new drug named Ablixa for Emily.

Jonathan prescribes Emily, the new drug and realizes that the drug is working on her. But the only problem with the drug is its side effects of sleep walking. One night, Emily kills her husband, who has been released from the prison, while sleep walking. Jonathan fights for Emily in the court and describes her mental condition, Emily is declared not guilty, but Jonathan’s reputation is destroyed after this incident. Later, Jonathan realizes the conspiracy behind the murder and plans to expose the criminals.

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