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At the very beginning of watching Thriller "Replace" we meet with Kira, a young and beautiful girl, living a carefree life. But suddenly luck leaves her destiny, and a series of heavy tests. Kira begins to suffer from intermittent episodes of amnesia, a memory of losing some memories from his past. It tries to analyze the cause of what is happening, but it gives nothing.

Sometime later Kira begins to experience strange and inexplicable disorder, due to which her skin undergoes a process of decay. Being horrified by what is happening, she visits Dr. Kroeber, a specialist in skin diseases. TA, girl, gives Communion to get to the root of the problem and find a cure. But after a while the problem of Kira becomes even wider. The girl realizes that if urgent solution is found, it may die. It is at this point detected treatment-the heroine can replace their skin alien. The difficulty is that she will have to choose: to kill someone else or be killed.

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