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TRON: Legacy

Sam was moved using a special machine in the world of computer programs. First here was able to visit his father. And here came the turn of the protagonist to get acquainted with the unusual universe where many dreams become a reality. The viewer can also plunge into this unusual world, if properly seated first ­­ and comfortably on the couch and starts to watch the movie "TRON: legacy".

Over the past two decades, the cyber world has changed a lot. The universe became more advanced and dangerous. All programs were divided into two parts. System operations the Cloud. She has the ability to completely copy someone else's identity. Cloud does not want to see Sam in your world.

However, the protagonist escaped the massacre. From death he managed to escape thanks to the intervention of another program called Kvora. She settled in the periphery. Here is forced to hide the real Kevin. Cloud attempts to find the enemy and finally erase it from the system.

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