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Tooth Fairy

"Tooth Fairy"-unusual interpretation Michael the classic story of the little films, nights removing children from toothache and pull in good old new teeth. But the protagonist of "the tooth fairy" Michael is not a lover of dream, it is a harsh and not trusting in miracles fighter-hockey player Derek Thompson (Dwayne Johnson). Derek prefers to knock out teeth rivals during Hockey matches.

That's just a personal life he has problems: his own friend Derek it seems too mundane, and he cannot find understanding with her children. But seeing how upset children from the behaviour of the character Dwayne, to interfere with these fairy and Derek Thompson falls at night begin work hereby magician:

Observe the huge Johnson in this role a real fun-see "Tooth Fairy". You will not regret! The Adventures of hockey bullies as a good magician and touching, and give reason to think about what each of us can be laid a piece of this "magic", ordinary Kindness-to make it easier to make friends with people!

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