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Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

The girl heard strange sounds from the fireplace. Someone asks her to release and offers to make friends. The father managed to stop Sally before she opened the fireplace completely. However, several strange creatures managed to escape to freedom.

Through time, Kim discovers that her dress is cut, and teddy bear, which was given to her by Sally broken. Girl denies its involvement in the events and points to the creatures, which emerged from the fireplace. The father did not listen to her and continues to pursue the restoration of the mansion.

Probably everyone in his life during his childhood was afraid of the dark, and the best is scarecrow in old and abandoned houses, and in this picture everything is successfully implemented, in General, if you want to remember their childhood as well as understand how to prove to adults that they are all in Risk Watch "don't be afraid of the dark" on our website online.

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