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The Change-Up

Now the Viewer to view available a great number of films on the subject, in which the main characters are changed. It seems that this topic has been said all that only can be, but there are always such directors, who repeatedly proved that this theme is not yet exhausted.

One such film was the Comedy "The Change-Up", in the center of the plot where Dave and Mitch, which were once inseparable friends. But time passed and eventually they went to different roads. Dave has managed to become a successful family man and get a loving family.

Regarding Mitch, he decided to remain celibate, changing girlfriends like a glove. Each of them openly resentful of the other. Mitch was sure that his friend was lucky to get serious and high-paying jobs and get a wonderful wife and loving children, and Dave at this time assures that all only and dream of the fairy and carefree life, which lives by Mitch. But the central characters couldn't even think that they have the opportunity to Exchange bodies, receiving the life they dream of.

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