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In the life of each student graduation has a very special significance. Graduation is not only parting with school and friends, but also the opportunity to stand out, to be remembered, and also to make the first conscious step into adulthood. The plot of the film revolves around three couples, each with its own History. Nova-school beauty and class President, and on its shoulders the responsibility of planning for the prom that she really wants to make it perfect.

But not only the problems related to the Organization of the prom, occupy thoughts new: when she realizes what was experiencing something special to school «plohishu» Jesse, life comes to the fore. Not only Nova and Jesse have to make important decisions and think about their lives, their friends and acquaintances are trying to keep the relationship on the eve of parting, understand themselves, understand what they seek in the future, but for now the global changes not yet anterior-spend prom with your loved one.

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