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Our Idiot Brother

The protagonist of the Comedy Drama "Our Idiot Brother" is a young, good-natured and a little bleary-eyed guy Weeks, his own stupidity hit in prison. After release he learns that once was the former girlfriend, and live it. Not long thinking Week is sent to seek help from relatives. He lived some time in the mother, and then, like a hurricane, bursting into life his three sisters: overbearing career girls Miranda, passionate lesbians Natalie and her friend Sidney, as well as in the life of Liz correctly, that tries to be a great wife and mother from what is not Notice the crisis in relations with her husband.

Each of the sisters has his own life, but with the advent of pridurochnogo brother it is very much changing, after all, that unwilling, Ned becomes the cause of strife and trouble. And cause a little naïve, children's perception of the world by Ned, it's like an open book, can't lie and lays out the whole truth, even if it's very bitter.

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