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Action Comedy movie, "Hysteria" occur at the end of the 19th century in England. Young Dr. Mortimer Grjenvil changed over the past year not a single place of work, and all because of his modern views about treating patients do not coincide with conservative, outdated views of his colleagues, doctors and employers. In search of work, Mortimer takes the first suitable proposal and began working with Dr. Dalrimplom, who treats female hysteria.

London absorbed by the rapid progress of invent more new and useful devices, the men spent days and sometimes nights work, not paying attention to their wives, women's society start fester the serious problem of mass hysteria. But Dr. Dalrymple found treatment with intimate massage. This "manual" method worked well until the influx of patients suffering has not increased, but the doctor didn't start the room was quite clean hand numbing. Now he needed to find a solution to such a sensitive issue that women in London could do without the hysterics.

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