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The Death of Stalin

Starting browse satirical Comedy "The Death of Stalin" the viewer finds himself in the Soviet Union in the first half of the fifties of the last century. Almost all socialist Association afraid of just one person. He managed to build a huge Empire and change the view of the world. But what would be his next step? How much he still has time to do before his death?

Suddenly thinking about possible reforms of Stalin interrupted the news of his death. The great leader is gone, leaving a leader abandoned. He didn't have time to announce a successor, and there was a man who could assume the position of head of the vast country. In the State begins this kerfuffle. Declares a lot wanting to become leader of the country. After several decades of total control and authoritarian regime in the Soviet Union, the real chaos begins. Amazing intertwined risk and absurdity, betrayal and intrigue, fears and aspirations of those who desire to become the next leader. The race continues.

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