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Paddington 2

The authors of the family film "Paddington 2" offer us to plunge into the Adventures of a bear, which recently arrived in England from thick and dense Peruvian forest. Once among the people, he lived a happy life and feels great in the collection of Mr. and Mrs. Brown. Bear gives joy and marmalade all those encounters. And thanks to its celebration he could become an honorary citizen and the darling of the neighborhood.

The Action takes place at a moment when the bear began searching for the perfect gift for aunt Lucy. It comes in an antique shop owned by Mr. Gruber, and finds there's a wonderful book. But he did not have enough money to purchase a gift. So he gets a job. And while he is working, hoping to please aunt Lucy, the book disappears. Decide unknown criminals steal it and sell it. But the main character is not going to leave it just like that. He worked for a long time and wanted to buy this book. And if so, then you need to search for brazen robbers. It refers to the family of Browns, hoping that they will help him in this difficult case.

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