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Molly's Game

At the very beginning of the movie "Molly's Game" we meet with the athlete Molly Bloom. She has tried its best to go to the Olympics, but it did not include the main squad in the country. Despite the failure, Molly's pride and decides to change his life. The girl is going to do at the Faculty of law, but wants to relax a year to prepare for and gain strength. And to provide itself with all necessary, Molly is arranged to work in local cafes.

Soon the heroine realizes that work not only brings no pleasure, but earnings are sorely lacking. Then she decides to open its own underground club for poker fans. Molly can not imagine that its business will prove to be incredibly popular with influential personalities, elites and even Hollywood stars. In an instant the girl becomes Princess of poker. Every day her income grow more and more, but sooner or later the white stripe should change black. Molly knows it, but doesn't know what it will hunt for federal agents.

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