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Happy Feet Two

Not so long ago, the dances were strictly prohibited in the society of Emperor penguins, and the only way to attract her couple or to express deep emotion was the song. After one of the families appeared to have voiceless talented dancer of Mumble, very much has changed. Now, Mumble has already grown, married his favorite and became the father of Eric pingvinenka, the same independent and 1998 it was, like his father.

Mumble proud offspring: though Eric and need eye Yes eye, son, all went to the father, and this can only rejoice. However ... at some point sorry about this begins to Mumble them with Eric relationships resemble his own communion with the father. The fact of the matter is that Eric doesn't want to learn dancing, and father's brilliant talent is a at best. Idol pingvinenka becomes none other than Mighty Sven-Penguin with a dubious reputation. Unlike the surrounding Sven ... able to fly, and Eric, despite his father's annoyance, intends to master the art of flight.

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