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300: Rise of an Empire

Queen Gorgo of the Sparta country is informing her soldiers about the Battle of Marathin where King Darius from Persia was defeated and killed. Genera Themistocles from Athens killed him about ten years earlier. Xerxes is the son of Darius and has seen his father dying. His soldiers and ministers tell him to stop the battle as Greek has a mighty force of soldiers and weapons and it is said that “only gods can win the battle with Greeks”.

Artemisia is a Naval commander from the Darius army tells Xerxes that his father has given him a challenge during his last few breaths. So he sends Xerxes to desert to get power. He has to travel to desert for long times and he reaches a cave at once. He finds the powerful water in the cave and takes a bath with that water. After the bath he gets transformed into the 8-feet tall and giant “god-king”.

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