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The Commuter

Michael works insurance agent and not too satisfied with his life. Despite this, it goes away with work and honestly fulfills all the requirements of the administration. Every day, the main character of the movie "The Commuter" plunges into a routine with which nothing can do about it. He had been in this business and I am sure that sooner or later will be able to conclude a deal that will allow him to change lives for the better. In the meantime, he has to put up with what's happening in his life, without asking any questions.

Suddenly the protagonist meets a mysterious stranger who seems too strange. He soon realizes that he must immediately disclose the identity of the passenger who is travelling with him on the same train. And you want to make to the terminus. If Michael doesn't work find out who is the mysterious stranger, he would expose their lives at risk. While the protagonist pursues its own investigation, he realizes that he has become hostage to the deadly criminal conspiracy.

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