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Arthur Christmas

Santa Claus and his helpers-Elves a lot of work, especially on the night of Christmas, when they need to travel the world and visit every home where good kids. While Santa furiously works for Christmas, his eldest son Steve dreams sooner or later take his father's place, and Arthur, the youngest in the family, has worked for the mail Division. No one perceives Arthur seriously, and he almost resigned myself to this state of things, but once he had a chance to prove himself.

In his hands a letter from Gwen falls-little girl who behaved well throughout the year and also hopes to receive the gift. Due to an error, which allowed Santa's secret service, Gwen was not included in the list, and Christmas for her, most likely, will be irrevocably damaged. Arthur wants to correct this injustice and accesses his father for help, but neither he nor Steve did not feel that it is worth to change plans for the sake of a single gift. Arthur decides to take the help of Santa and save the day.

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