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30 Minutes or Less

In the story the Adventure Comedy "30 Minutes or Less" behind two loser dream of becoming millionaires and swim in money, but make your mind they are not given. Then the friends decide to Rob a Bank and come up with a good plan of Action. The genius of the plan is that comrades did not gather themselves stealing, they decided to use for the dirty work of any case that will do everything for them. Young guy Nick lives a boring life and works part-time as a delivery boy.

Once arriving at the specified delivery address, Nick turns out to be in the hands of two loonies that make a guy to commit a Crime, and attached to the stomach serves as motivation. So Nick is forced to commit the robbery during 9:00 otherwise the bomb will explode and takes his soul to the other world. However, cope himself Nick cannot therefore requests best friend Chet help in difficult matter, because his life is at stake. Time ruthlessly goes and guys need to keep up with 30 minutes to commit a Crime, get away from the police and trick bandits.

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