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What Happened to Monday

Action movie occur in the future, when our planet is on the verge of the biggest catastrophe. Just a few days, the number of inhabitants of the Earth has increased by a million and this is not the end. Realizing that population growth will lead to a catastrophe, authorities impose a law stipulating that one family can have only one child. It is in this difficult time in a family of seven daughters was born Terrence Setmena-twins.

Spouses will have to part with six children and leave only one daughter, but they could not take that step. In the end, my entire life family lives in fear that someday people will break into their house and take away the children. For reinsurance of Terrence comes up with a clear plan of Action, according to which girls, named in honor of the days of the week can go out only in its day and depict one personality — Karen Setmen. Here's one of the girls only once is not returned home.

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