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The Lords of Salem

There are many legends and myths about witches salemskih, also there are many works on this subject. The exception does not become the movie Lords of Salem, filmed in the genre of Horror director Rob Zombie, and a starring role in the film was played by his wife Sheri Moon Zombie. The film tells the story of the awakening of the evil in a small provincial town, where 300 years later the witches come alive, and it occurs due to a mysterious and eerie music.

Heidi Hawthorne works DJ at a local radio station, leads a normal lifestyle, her startling appearance and have a favorite dog. In one of the usual nightly esters at reception Heidi gets mysterious vinyl record in a wooden box. Deciding that this is another young band wants to break into the vastness of radio waves, the girl gave the parcel value. Heidi returned home not one, but with his colleague and friend, and when the evening was drawing to an end, they decided to listen TU mysterious disc. But it turned out that this is not a song, but just the music, pretty creepy, hypnotic, as if it were escorting some of the ritual. Suddenly the girl resulted in the head, and she asked me to turn off the player. Who could send this strange music, and why exactly it is addressed to Heidi, you can learn if you watch online in good as Lords of Salem.

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