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X-Men: Days of Future Past

The movie takes place in the future time where robots are called Sentinels and they are on a mission to kill human partners. The Sentinels has great powers with which they can transform themselves into anyone. These powers are also termed as Mystique’s powers. The powers are so named as they were derived when conducting a research on Mystique. She was caught while attempting the assassinating Dr. Bolivar Trask. Dr. Trask was the person who created Sentinels.

Mutants such as Kitty Pryde Colossus, Iceman Warpath, Sunspot, Blink, Bishop are staying at a secret place in China along with Storm, Magneto, Wolverine, Prof. Charles Xavier. Pryde has sent Wolverine in the past during the year 1973 when Mystique was trying to kill Trask. Pryde is looking for the situation and the risk that can be faced by the human race in future. The film takes us to the year 1973 at Washington D.C. where Dr. Trask is trying to convince the Congress to support his program.

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