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At all times, alcoholism has been and remains a disease of society. And now, when the world is moving with great speed, changing technology, standard of living, people have a huge number of temptations, appears on the background of professional fatigue, depression and loneliness. Many of us find solace in having odorous liquid. It seems that there is nothing wrong with that, if occasionally a man drinks after work. But in most cases, this becomes a habit, the number of alcohol vypivaemogo grows and the person loses control over himself. Their deeds and Actions.

This horrible situation happened and with the couple of films "in the trash". Charlie and Hannah are happy, they have everything, so there is no reason for anxiety. So they get maximum enjoyment out of your life, but it is only at first glance so it seems. Permanent razgulnye partying with heavy doses of alcohol, drugs and then eat our heroes inside. They fall into a vicious circle. Squeezed introduced problems at work, they are even more accentuated. Life rolls down. An urgent need to seek help, but without desire Charlie themselves and Hannah with it no problem. Whether they return to a normal life?

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