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Red Tails

Military Action Drama "Red Tails" is set in 1944, during World War II. In the skies over Europe are fought brutal battles. In the United States AIR FORCE black pilots considered too coWardly and unfit to perform dangerous missions in the skies, but Colonel Hey DJ Ballard and captain Martin "easy" Julian decide to fight this stereotype. They want to prove that black guys are brave and strong in spirit, and no worse than whites, as well as ready for any complex tasks on the battlefield.

The program "Tuskegee" gave black guys the chance to become real pilots, but the leadership of the AIR FORCE gives only all the "dirty work". Struggling with racism and mistrust, Colonel Ballard seeks permission to perform critical missions, which formed an air battalion solely of black pilots. In the meantime, fighting in the sky on Earth continues the confrontation of "white" and "colored".

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