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Cockneys vs Zombies

During construction work in the East end of London two workers discovered a cemetery of the 17th century, sealed by Charles II. Very soon they realize why the cemetery should never be found: on freedom are zombies, and bite work join their infestation. Brothers Terry and Andy MakGvajry in the meantime, planning to Rob a bank to get money for the upkeep of homes, where at the moment contains their grandfather-gangster.

Developers plan to demolish the building, so the money guys come in handy. However, their plans and, consequently, the nursing home inhabitants plans interfere zombie infestation. Robbery did not have time to finish as the bandits have found new uses for its weapons. As one of the targets of the living dead was the home for the aged, the elderly will soon joined MakGvajram not yet a blessing, what is to protect his life and resist Hahn. The main thing is not to let yourself bite and wait for reinforcements.

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