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These Final Hours

Recently, more and more movies coming out on the topic of doomsday and last days on Earth. Perhaps in the future, mankind is waiting for such a sad fate, perhaps it will remain a fiction film directors. Where would you like to be, who would like to see next, how to spend the remaining time on the planet? In the Thriller "These Final Hours" Earth threatens global catastrophe that could destroy all life. Humanity is left to live no more than twelve hours, which is wreaking incredible havoc and panic.

Someone falls into complete depression of despair, someone starts to prowl, who then goes crazy from permissiveness, and young guy James embarks on the latest party at life. James on his way meets a teenage girl named rose, which saves. She is desperate to find her missing father and James decides in the final hours help Roiz see the father do something good for his worthless life.

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