Batman vs. Two-Face poster
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Batman vs. Two-Face

This is not the first year cartoon Heroes Batman protect your hometown from numerous villains. There is only one of them zazevatsja as criminals again selected from their safe havens to create lawlessness on the streets of Gotham City. This time Bruce Wayne is preparing for a major event, which will be aWarded "person of the year" aWard. It should get one whose merits before City this year were the most significant for the townspeople. But he is not the only millionaire who wants this aWard-Lex Luthor also put on her eyes.

Moreover, he literally zafanatel the idea of becoming a man of the year, so it is not surprising that when such a coveted aWard handed over its main competitor-it is not a joke was upset. Now he wants to take revenge on all those who did not appreciate its merits based on merit. And in order to avoid interference with Justice League-he sent his them his old friends-the Joker and his minions. Also, perhaps you can comment on or share this cartoon or children's movie.

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