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The Shack

Having begun viewing of the movie "The Shack", the viewer gets acquainted with Mackenzie Phillips, whose life can seem to the ideal. It has everything of what he dreamed since the childhood and therefore it is sincerely happy. Being the father having many children, Mackenzie sees sense of the existence in education of children. He often goes hiking with the children, arranges them fascinating excursions and to learn to survive in the difficult world, keeping thus self-confidence and own forces.

Once it goes to a campaign and a beret with the children. First everything goes well, but the younger daughter suddenly vanishes. Mackenzie moves off in searches, involves police officers and volunteers from among locals, but everything is useless. People around are sure that not to find the child. Heart-broken, Mackenzie is angry with itself. Falling into despair, the main character of the movie "The Shack" which you can look at online on our site right now, loses faith which conducted his all life.

Passes time, but pain of Mackenzie doesn't abate. Suddenly he receives the mysterious letter. If to trust its contents, the supreme suggests it to make one more trip to a place where the tragedy was made. He should step into a threshold of the house which causes in it sincere sufferings once again. Despite it, the N accepts the invitation and goes to a way.

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