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Lady Bird

"Lady Bird" is a story about the life of Christina Mcpherson, a young girl who wants to change their lives for the better. The Action begins to develop at a time when the main character becomes a girl. Despite the fact that she stayed only one year prior to the release, Christine can never sit still. She sleeps and sees as a destination to another location.

The main character lives in a small provincial town and visits the conservative Catholic school. She was tired from her monotonous life and spirit of rebellious nature, tries to escape. Christina dreams throw small town where nothing happens, and start life with a clean slate in the New York City metropolitan area. Its main advantage is that it has the support of his older brother. She sincerely believes that he will help her realize her dream. Otherwise it will have to suffer until the end of his life in a place that for her already for a long time doesn't mean anything.

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