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Young Lucy eagerly waited for the prom, she not only wanted to like it should come off, but in the end feel like an adult. She was not going to get drunk, like drug use, and thought that unique will spend time with her boyfriend Jacob. Lucy did not rule out such an option, which is this young man alone and to have sex with him. It's a bit scared this prospect because she was a Virgin, but Lucy does not doubt that would for the first time with this guy. The limousine arrived shortly afterWards, Lucy with her best friend and Jacob sat in the huge car and went to the party. While the heroine wandered by and large home, looking at the Interior, her boyfriend played in gambling and got drunk, and when it came time to leave, Lucy with her friend Jacob found in the limousine, he was sedated.

When this lad came to himself, he began to pester to Lucy, stop it happened only because of the auto. The heroine no longer wanted to see this pretty nabravshegosja young man, so when strangers offered her girls with a girlfriend to go to an old farm that was once a prison, vowing that Lucy and her friend can have a great time, the girls agreed. The path of this Merry company stopped in the Woods where guys and girls ate hallucinogenic mushrooms and tried to scare each other scary stories, and when it finally got to the farm, these young people become truly scary. This farm inspired dread even the most courageous guys, and when the heroes gathered to leave this terrible place, they have not been able to find several of his comrades. Lucy caught myself thinking that this prom she won't forget ever.

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