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Beta Test

Max Troy just loves computer games and does not represent his life without them, which is why he joined a company that develops new toys. Hero is one of the first tests of new computer games and tells developers about all the advantages and disadvantages of the new product. The guy is completely satisfied with his work, and he is a professional in his field. He first must conduct a beta test of the new interesting game, which in the future might become a real hit in the gaming industry. Max and could not imagine that the next job will be not just difficult, but also incredibly dangerous.

Max begins to test new games and quickly realizes that everything that happens on your monitor at home actually happens in real life. New game somehow turns out to be linked to real life. Hero don't immediately managed to realize what is happening and, before realizing, became the culprit of some terrible Crime. Now Max around figured, and he intends to do everything possible to change the situation, understand what a brutal game it turned out to be retracted, and who stands behind it all

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