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Open Grave

The protagonist of the film comes in the midst of the rainy night, myself in a deep pit, which, as he soon finds out is filled with corpses. Hardly having to surface, he goes to the standing near the House, which already met Motley company. People, some of whom are members of both sexes and multiple nationalities, are companions in misfortune: they all found ourselves here against their will and have no clue how it happened.

Rain pours outside, inside each other, threatened with death, men armed with guns, and nobody knows what to do next. Present come to an important conclusion: one of them is a cruel killer, who apparently conceived through their bodies to expand its already rich collection, based in the pit. And so, scared and entangled people will astray in alliances and to weave intrigues, suspect each other of atrocities and lurking outside the House, hoping that they will be able to survive and return home.

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