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Only Lovers Left Alive

New work by Director Jim Jarmusch is a movie based on his own script "Only Lovers Left Alive" which recounts the ancient vampires. The plot revolves around a very eccentric and very mysterious love couples: Adam and Eve. A talented musician Adam lives and works in Detroit, which is perfectly suited to his gloomy life. He does not leave his home in the daytime and experiencing depression. Adam was very tired from the surrounding world and hates people while his cheerful sweetheart Eva, who has lived in Tangier, enjoys all the benefits of the modern world.

For long centuries spent together lovers of excellent feel for each other, so the feeling something fishy Eva goes to Detroit to help her beloved Adam get out of depression. For centuries, they do not kill people, preferring a more humane "food", using hospital blood supplies. But one terrible day trustee supplying blood, dying and craving intensifies with the arrival in town of uncontrolled younger sister Eva, Ava ...

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