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The Son of Bigfoot

Adam from infancy haunting failure, but most important is that he knows nothing about his father. He believes that a parent will soon return from a long trip, but for now, do not despair and drive bad thoughts out of your head. Dimly he understood that not like the person in the facial features, he sees force power. The disappearance of the father of the family was not just to be alone to find out the whole truth, nobody wants to tell anything. Bold journey begins, the path lies in the mountains, because Adam is sure that he is a descendant of Bigfoot.

Long miles of hard to overcome, in a remote corner of it come who wanted to see for a long time. Let it for all shaggy behemoth, scary creature for him favorite father, told the incredible story. Hardcore hunting for Bigfoot-senior scientific staff opened a corporation wishing to conduct experiments on his cloning. As a result, had to get the evil monsters, but against the test specimen. He managed to escape, hide away, never to return. You can watch online Bigfoot Jr. in good quality without registration free of charge.

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