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Sometimes one wrong step can lead to a very sad consequences, but sometimes the consequences for many years later, when a man totally did not expect problems. It is one wrong step taken in his younger years, resulted in very big problems in the life of the main character in the Drama Thriller "Locke". Simple Brit Ivan Lok is an exemplary family man, a loving husband and a wonderful father to his children. Ivan a lot and works hard and is building a career in a large company, where he was very appreciated, as an excellent officer and talented engineer.

Enter into a new transAction concerning a construction works is very important for Ivan. He's going through this major project management company has entrusted to him and now Ivan has to do everything to not let the company. However, an unexpected phone call in the evening changes everything in the world, not only for the evening Ajvna plans, but also his life entirely. To solve one very big problem he has a little time ...

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