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Labor Day

Action Drama movie "Labor Day" occur in the year 1987 in a small New England town. After her divorce from her husband, who started an affair with a Secretary, a young woman Adele fell into a real depression. She hardly went through this difficult period of time: it was difficult to even get to the people. Only teenage son Henry forcing mother to come as to her meaning of life. Once upon a time in the supermarket Adele and Henry faced a kind of Frank, who asked him for a ride.

This small courtesy will contribute to the life of Adele and her son's big change. Without knowing it, they hid in their house escaped prisoner, whom police were looking for with particular zeal. However, the fugitive is not so dangerous as talking about him. While Frank takes refuge from the police in the House of Adel, he helps out around the House and even small family life makes a little joy, and soon falls in love with a beautiful and lonely mistress of the House.

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