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Birth of the Dragon

The plot unfolds in the sixties of the last century in Auckland. Young and motivated martial arts fighter by the name of Bruce Lee opens the Studio where going to teach Americans their own style, which he called Jeet Kune do. The boy plans to just achieve independently, therefore spends a lot of time in training. It develops advanced tricks and techniques that can be used in battle. However, national Chinese society is not willing to take such a position of the hero of the film "Birth of the Dragon". For them unacceptable mixing of several cultures together, because the secrets of their martial techniques should not be accessible to outsiders. But for Bruce it has not the slightest importance, so he continues his lessons and share with students their experiences.

On one of these workouts to him looked American actor Steve Mckee. He inspired insurgent to study other art-cinema. In the meantime, people did betting on the upcoming battle between Lee and his rival Jack Vongom Man in San Francisco. Kung-Fu Master, too, was of the view that the Mystery of Asian martial arts should not be spread over the national territory.

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