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Jeepers Creepers III

Many years ago, Trish (GINA Philips) has witnessed the brutal murder of brother. These memories don't come from her head, night after night for incarnating in agonizing nightmares. With 23 years have passed since then, Trish has a son, whom she named in honor of the deceased. Hoping once and for all put an end to cruelty, a woman sets off to capture the killer brothers, bloodthirsty Monster Creeper (Jonathan Breck).
In order to continue life Monster Creeper must every few decades eat parts of the human body. Creeper different incredible dexterity and excellent sense of smell, he necessarily sniffs their prey. This monster combines human and animal quality, which help him hunt for their prey. Fearing that the next victims of the serial killer as her son, Trish decided to destroy the villain.

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