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The plot develops around tapes of one family, in which up to a certain point, everything was very fluently. One day, in very mysterious circumstances a woman die. The spouse of the deceased with grieving decided not to delay and because very soon brought into the House of her new lover. Two daughters of the hero was very difficult to come to terms with the death of the mother, and even unexpected acquaintance with new girlfriend's father turned out to be a very strong shock for girls. Get used to such rapid changes are not all given very simple, that is why the situation has become further worsen.

Trying to figure out what exactly woman died, it is known that before the death of something otherworldly strongly her muchalo. But it is far from everything, apart from the fact of unprecedented strength, just as it is known, that all this is directly connected with the necklace, the only thing left in memory of his mother. The desire to get to the truth grows with each passing day, it is thanks to him that one of the girls manage to find the book on the totems and find out one of their ways through which you can communicate with the souls. What will such a dangerous game with death? Will the sisters find out the whole truth about her mother's past?

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