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Don't Hang Up

Feature of modern youth culture is the love to prank or draws which can be as quite innocent, and to lead to serious consequences. Heroes by the name of Brady and Sam decide to take a fun a little, and choose for this purpose very sophisticated method. Young people find the casual victims, and in the middle of night awake them with phone call with the menacing message. Young men say to the frightened and hardly woken up strangers that they from police also threaten them, and then records of psychological mockeries for the sake of a sneer post in the Internet. However frightening draw had unexpectedly tragic consequences for his founders considering by its innocent joke. Soon heroes also receive phone call, and the voice on other end of a wire reported that if unfortunate humorists will hang up, to their relatives there will be a terrible tragedy. Without realizing that, guys became participants of mysterious game loss in which means death for most close and native people.

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