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Fruitvale Station

Oscar grant, like many other ordinary citizens in any case was not blameless man. It is not always done properly: periodically betrayed wife, could lose their jobs overnight, and sometimes wished, that he behaved worse. However, the intentions were the most that neither is good: Oscar, as a 22-year-old, adored his daughter was able to reconcile with his wife and was a good son, who intended to change to better their lives and the lives of the entire family.

But his plans went awry. One day, new years eve, at Fruitvale Metro station, not far from his house, Oscar was shot. His killer became a police officer fired the guy in the back in front of astonished witnesses. What is the cause of this Act-based hatred or personal resentment? Yes and the reason for this tragedy? After all, it's quite possible that life of Oscar Grant took the most common error as a result of professional incompetence.

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