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Blue Jasmine

The new job of Director Woody Allen has become far from witty Comedy and Drama film "Blue Jasmine", telling about the fate of the once very wealthy women undergoing a very difficult time in life. At one of the parties among the cream of society Jasmine met her future husband Hal, from charm which immediately lost his head. Spouses-millionaires for a long time lived in luxury and wealth, in a world without limits, where there is no word "no".

But one day Jasmine learns of her husband's infidelity, as well as that Hal crashed in financial fraud, which put all joint money. In an instant, adjusted life of Bohemian New York divas collapses like a House of cards. Not having a penny to live forced to move Jasmine poor sister in San Francisco. Now it will have to re-learn to live and dream. That's just the alcohol and deep depression did not help pull yourself together.

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