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About Time

Wouldn't it be great if we could travel in time back! It would be possible to correct their mistakes, do everything differently, to make everything perfect, thus changing their futures for the better. But time is the one thing that we have not given nor slow nor stop nor returned. However, the protagonist of a romantic meloDrama "About Time" — a young lad Tim unreal lucky in life. One day, after another failure with the girl, the father reveals to Tim big family secret that all the men in their family have the gift that enables you to travel into the past.

True, last time you cannot change History, but you can change some moments of their lives that will affect future events. The pleasures of Tim again and again changes the bye with a charming girl, Mary, to make everything perfect and win the heart of beauty. Here's just a guy once again changes the events that led to this disaster: everything disappears, and Mary know don't know Tim. ..

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