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Happy Death Day

The storyline of the film "Happy Death Day" revolves around a girl who is going to celebrate his birthday. She decides to arrange a Grand party. Everyone at the University, where she studies, dreams get on this festive evening. The appointed day arrives, however, Jolly holiday quickly overshadowed by the appearance of a mysterious stranger in a mask. At first, nobody pays attention to him, but he soon kills the hero of the festivities than shocking everyone.

Murder Mystery is interrupted by strong screaming victim. Then she again awakens in bed guy, about which virtually nothing is known. Heroine in Horror realizes that she once again face the same day. And at the end of the evening the stranger again finish with it. It turns out that fate decided to make it a unique holiday gift in the form of an infinite stock of lives. Therefore, after death they each time once again on her birthday. This means that she has a chance to calculate the murderer. At the same time, the heroine realizes that she can not only survive, but to change lives for the better.

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