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The Judge

Henk Palner is one of the best lawyers of the city equal to him. It doesn't care whether his clients are guilty or not, he is able to make them justified when any serious effort. At a meeting of Höynck receives a call from which he learns that his mother has died. He sent in his native town, to which it has not been since he began career growth.

The desire to go there he had no relationship with her father as they were always very strained. However, he had no choice. Palneru later reported that the car his father discovered blood, and he is suspected of murdering his wife. Henk can not leave his father in trouble and decides to stay and deal with this case. His father worked all his life to city judge and now found himself on the bench. The lawyer does not believe that this could do, because despite its callousness, he loved his wife. However, too much evidence against him and the chances that it will meet, but Hank believes father and would do everything in his power to save him from prison.

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