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The famous journalist Brighton receives a letter from one of the mysterious old man who for years would give interviews about their Adventures. Journalist agrees, because he likes to interview unusual people. Wallace came to the old man, realizes that he is not so simple as other older people his age. The old man tells him the strange story of Morgex, which saved his life. The old man's story is so similar to the fairy tale that even evokes laughter. But the old man would not tolerate nasmehatelstv.

Brajtmana have there favorite girl who very rarely sees her lover. She's tired of eternal expectations and requests that he not left so far. But the guy still soothes the favorite and she has it coming again. After long waits girl realizes that Wallace seems to be delayed. Girl starts looking for her boyfriend, this helps her friend Brajtmana. They get acquainted with the police, who no longer works in the police, but earlier had been engaged in the search for missing people. Police said that there had been cases of disappeared people and all that they found only bones. He suggests that in all this involved a serial killer, who still can't find. Girl scared, whether she still sees her lover.

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