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Still Alice

Alice Hauljend, in its fifty years, has achieved tremendous results: firstly, it is a distinguished professor at Harvard University, secondly, it is a loving wife and caring mother of three children: Tom, Anna and Lydia. The whole family lives in a small, but cosy House, located on a picturesque promontory. And once at a conference devoted to Linguistics Alice was supposed to make a small speech. Knowing by heart all aspects of his profession during his short speech, the woman realized that she did not recall the text of its report.

But this is only the beginning of her suffering: memory became increasingly fail, everyday objects and the names of loved ones have become forgotten. Worrying about your health by Alice, is sent to the clinic for a consultation. The results of the medical examination were staggering. The doctor said that her progressing Alzheimer's disease. So as not to scare the relatives the news about his illness, Alice had organized a small family Council, which reported that some diagnosis she put the doctor and what awaits ahead. Anxious attitude husband and children became the only support, but the youngest daughter Alice was able to wrap her mother close attention and care.

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