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The Glass Castle

That feels the child born and forced to live in a dysfunctional family? A well-known journalist Janet Walls, which became the prototype for the heroine of his autoBiography and later the movie, knows this firsthand. The girl grew up in a family of these non-conformists-nomads. Mother-actress, father is an ordinary alcoholic. However, lifetime heroine idolizes his father, who was a true masters and Jack of all trades. He was considered a talented designer, read a lot and was always curious to hear his stories.

His dream has become a fantastic project: building for the family of the glass Castle. Unfortunately, this dream was not to be realized. Despite endless journeys and difficulties, childhood girl was happy it was thanks to the parents who gave her hope for a bright future and knew how to make a holiday every day. The heroine grew up in an atmosphere of love and studied independently overcome the trials of fate. She remembered Christmas when her father made their children unusual gift. He gave them a star, which each of them has chosen. And it was the most wonderful gift. Because the stars don't disappear, do not break and not worn. They are always in the sky, and always with you.

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